Only on a Sunday...

2019 just started & I’m two weeks into this D-Herbs full body cleanse. I high-key want a burger, or any meal thats hot (on a count of only being able to eat raw foods for the remaining duration of this cleanse). I’m sitting at my desk listening to Kem with no bed because I’m pretty sure I had a bed bug attack, so impulsively I threw out my mattress & ordered a new one with a bed frame. I guess its not that impulsive seeing how I’ve been contemplating buying a new bed for a while, & its friggin bed bugs. But yea, thats my first Sunday of the new year so far.


Any who, decided to start blogging again. Social media gets so loud & distracting, & I’m from the blog era, so I figured this would be tight for my mental. I’m doing this thing where I focus on doing things that make me happy. I know, sounds simple, but I’m American raised. On top of that, I’m black. On top of that, I’m from the hood. Everything has been about either survival, or hustle up to this point, & I need a break from the capitalist program I’ve been accustomed to. I loved blogging whenever I did it, but never stayed around long enough to see it blossom into anything. This already feels therapeutic as fuck. Any who, for those who know me, welcome. For those who don’t, welcome. Lets see where this thing goes.